SEALING JAWS and sealing plates

MKA manufacture all types of sealing jaws , crimp blocks, rotary end seals & sealing plates etc for many applications including Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines, Horizontal Flow Wrappers, Sachet Machines, Pouch Filling Machinery, Thermo Forming Equipment, Tray Sealing Machines and for other Specialised Packaging & Sealing Applications.

These can be made with any type of sealing pattern and profile you require.   Such as Horizontal, Vertical, Criss Cross, Diagonal, Plain Faced or to suit customer needs. Jaws can also be made with silicon moulded inserts to suit certain applications.  

Other examples include crimp blocks with different seals on the top and bottom of the bags for easier opening on the top and tight seals on the bottom plus many different hang cell and hole punch applications or for “easy open” applications. Also jaws for cold seal, constant heat as well as impulse seal for all brands of packaging machinery.

MKA recondition existing sealing jaws by recutting sealing patterns and replating plus at times have changed the sealing pattern on existing jaws!

Sealing plates for tray sealing & thermo forming machinery can be made to any profile required plus we recoat and recondition existing plates.

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