Poultry & seafood blades

MKA makes and sharpens many different Poultry and Seafood Processing Blades and Parts such as Circular Blades, Tail Grippers etc. Poultry Blades and Spares is an area that is constantly evolving and MKA has a proven track record  supplying and sharpening many different blades in this area at very competitive pricing . We also have the ability to resharpen knife edges, others cannot, plus can offer different styles and profiles to suit customer needs.

MKA can in many areas  offer longer life solutions . Some of these alternative blade styles have seen customers go from daily changes of blades to getting 3000% longer life. There has been other areas  MKA blades have shown  life improvements of 200%-300% and more and at times on a less expensive blade than the OEM spare. Hence the customer has achieved a  better output from the blades at cheaper prices !

As stated this is an area that is constantly developing and well worth a discussion to see how we can help . Plus we can custom make to your requirements.

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